Beginner Coin Collecting

Coin collecting is said to be the “Hobby of the Kings.” and is very different from money hoarding. Hobby coin collecting can be traced back to the 14th century. Today, people all over the world are collecting coins. Some collect it for their value and some just like the sheer fun that they get from getting their hands on different coins.

If you don’t mind being a beginner coin collecting is something you can very well do so with just a little effort. It is a hobby which does not require a great deal of skill and it can be done by almost everyone.

Beginner Coin Collecting Types

Coin Collecting For Dummies

Well, not really dummies. Let’s say beginners instead. Most beginner coin collecting enthusiasts, especially children, start out as informal coin collectors. They are laid-back collectors which do not have a specific goal in collecting coins. They might collect coins from different countries or from different time periods without any intention of being serious about it.

Once the beginner coin collector starts noticing the fascinating details of the coins, he becomes an inquisitive coin collector. This kind of coin collector won’t bother much with spending money to buy coins. He merely wants to appreciate the coins. Soon, he will start to put them in folders or albums.

The Advanced Coin Collector

An advanced coin collector will collect coins with a specific target in mind. He may want to specialize in coins from a certain nation, or perhaps a certain time period.

There are many paths which coin collectors pursue in their hobby. Here are some tips you can use in deciding what type of coins to collect:

Foreign Coin Collection

Many coin collectors would want to collect coins from a certain foreign nation during a certain period of time. This kind of coin collection lets the coin enthusiast travel the globe through their collection. As an example, some people collect coins from countries they have visited.

History Coin Collecting

Another way of collecting coins is by taking in mind historical events. Many coin collectors specialize in collecting coins during a certain period in history like famous wars.

Error Coin Collecting

There are people who find collecting coins with errors exciting because these kinds of coins are rare. Some choose to specialize in mis-strikes while others broadstrikes or cuds.

There are many ways to collect coins and each way is as fun as the other but serious coin collecting can require spending a fair amount of money as some coins can be very expensive.